Swissstainable Travel consciously and conserve resources

Sustainable travel - Enjoy Switzerland to the fullest

Promoting resource-conserving and sustainable tourism in Switzerland is a priority for us as the
Steinenschanze city hotel is of particular concern to us. Due to our location in the
old town of Basel, which is worthy of protection, the promotion of ecological and sustainable
city breaks. This includes not only the responsible use of natural Resources.
We work together with regional players and cultivate Basel's local culture.
That is why we have signed up as a member of the Switzerland Tourism Association (ST),
an association of sustainable hotels in Switzerland, we are committed to the sustainability strategy
Swisstainable' - and have reached the first of three levels, the "committed" level.

In addition to the commitment to make travel in Switzerland sustainable, we also carried out a sustainability check.
In this check, the team from the management to the service and the kitchen collected initial ideas on how to use individual resources more sustainably and consciously.
After this self-analysis, we compiled a sheet with measures for a sustainable holiday in the hotel.
A committee has controlled and approved the implementation of the measures.

Sustainable travel - experience Switzerland consciously

Travelling sustainably does not only mean consuming little and using resources sparingly in the
exploring the old town. It also means consciously experiencing sustainable hotels in Switzerland.
to slow down and to experience the regional specialties of the region.
Our guests can expect a variety of regional products from Switzerland and they get to know the old town of Basel in all its facets and details, experience the authentic atmosphere of Basel and relax in the hotel for a long time.

Sustainable tourism - Swiss Steinenschanze leads the way

In order for our guests to experience the beauty of Basel's old town even more consciously and intensively, we are taking great strides towards the second stage as a sustainable step towards the second stage.

For this stage, we are brainstorming again, thinking as a team about the areas in which areas in which we can work in a more resource-efficient way and collect these suggestions. Based on this list, we develop measures that we have 24 months to implement them.
In this way, we would like to promote and further develop conscious and sustainable tourism in Switzerland.