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The Steinenschanze city hotel is centrally located in Basel, an important plus point for all city visitors. What many do not know: 
The house at Steinengraben 69 also implements - in addition to its function as a feel-good address and individual
three-star Swiss boutique hotel - many sustainable ideas. Our non-profit approach should also inspire
many hotels in Switzerland (and beyond its borders) and generally serve an individual and responsible coexistence:

Basically, our Hotel Steinenschanze is a private hotel that is run according to economic premises. It is owned 
by the association “COMPAGNA moves people”, Basel Stadt section - a charitable association that was founded
around 125 years ago - first under the name “Friends of Young Girls” and deals with various social and integrative
projects in the city of Basel takes care. In a long tradition, the hotel was previously run as a girls' pension
and was only used by the association. Over the past 40 years it has gradually been converted into a hotel and,
through extensive renovation work, transformed into the modern and charming city hotel that we know today.

Our hotel business is geared towards ensuring the work of this association and its social commitment. In addition 
to donations and membership fees, the hotel industry ensures the maintenance of the COMPAGNA projects,
the associated expenses as well as operating costs and employee wages. Today the association maintains three
social works in Basel: - SOS station assistance in the SBB station - ALIENA, advice center for women in the sex trade

The association is organized and managed by 8 board members, all of whom work exclusively on a voluntary basis.

Our hospitality is characterized by the fact that we “(...) offer every guest, regardless of their nationality, 
a place on the way to their destination where they can feel safe (...)” We achieve this by all of our employees agreeing to our mission statement and being able to act accordingly.
The mission statement is the qualitative benchmark for everything we want to achieve together - and it is also the
common denominator for everyone who works for the hotel: from temporary workers to management.


The terms organic or eco are always a rather high benchmark for us as a sustainably operating hotel - in accordance with the quality demands of Switzerland, of course. What is absolutely part of our daily activities:

We support and maintain contact with our regional partners, such as craftsmen and suppliers. These are always given preferential consideration in the selection process in all areas. At the same time, regional thinking is also cross-border: In neighboring Germany, we also work trustfully with partners from the Markgräfler Land region. We source our linen and mattresses from Bern.
For food we avoid long transport routes by trying to use mainly Swiss products.
In the area of cleaning we use, as far as it is possible for us, products that protect our environment.
Our waste separation we keep seriously exactly.