A garden is always a special place. In many people, gardens evoke the feeling of coming home - for example, when the scent of flowers or herbs is in the air and the eyes are treated to the straightness and playfulness of nature. It doesn't matter whether it smells like roses or rosemary. What is important is that we remain mindful in the here and now and can relax a little from everyday life.

This is probably why we are particularly happy about our small but beautifully designed big city oasis at the Stadthotel Steinenschanze. In summer, temperatures in Basel are sometimes already very hot, and so our natural garden enchants with its relaxing flair of lavender and native shrubs.

For our guests we naturally offer an outdoor breakfast during the warm season. So breakfast can be enjoyed outside depending on the weather, in cold weather even with a wool blanket. And if you start already full and light, nothing stands in the way of a successful, unforgettable day in Basel.

Whether you're off to explore Basel or spending the day on business; you'll appreciate the in-house garden and will certainly enjoy using it to unwind later. The quiet retreat of the Steinenschanze Stadthotel is furnished with lounge furniture and exudes soothing relaxation. We are also happy to serve you here with our usual high-quality service.

End the day later with a refreshment and let yourself drift, an aperitif or sundowner in your hand, relaxed towards the evening or night.