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In the room

Your visit to Basel, made simple. The rooms at the Steinenschanze Stadthotel leave no wish unfulfilled thanks to their well-designed furnishings and the conveniences that they provide. Whether it is the facilities provided in the rooms or the flexible service, during every stage of your stay, we will make you as relaxed as possible.



Whether it is to enjoy a break from your productive business trip or simply a small refreshment stop, you will find the necessary facilities in your room. Almost all of our rooms are equipped with high-quality Nespresso coffee machines so that you can get around Basel with more energy.



Daily schedules are individual, varied and with different notions of time. Therefore, we offer a Turndown Service until 9 pm, in case you need to freshen up in your room or use other services.


pillow selection

Despite wonderfully furnished rooms and the great services provided, the wrong pillow can prevent you from getting a great night’s sleep. That is why we provide a selection of pillows in each room, where you can choose between large, small, flat and high pillows.


AIR CONDITIONing IN ALl rooms facing the VIADUcT

Even though Switzerland is famous as a winter wonderland, summer in Basel can be hot. However, thanks to individually controllable air-conditioning in all rooms on the viaduct side, you can enjoy a pleasant climate.