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Service beyond convention

A friendly service is and will remain a Swiss virtue, even if the rest of the world does it differently. Despite our modern approach, we have not forgotten the importance of a holistic and friendly service. This includes our individual breakfast, our friendly concierge service, our 24-hour staffed reception, our welcome aperitif, our wide-ranging room facilities and our entire hotel with its wonderful garden. Discover more about the services we provide:

Breakfast selection

Whether or not you are a morning bird, we have the perfect way to start your day, whatever it has in store. While the early bird gets the necessary fuel for an early start to the day, a breakfast buffet that is always fresh and made from regional products leaves no wishes unfulfilled. We are always prepared for guests who have special dietary requirements, like allergies, and we will gladly prepare a suitable breakfast for you. For those in a hurry, there is also coffee and croissants "to go".


In the hotel

At the Steinenschanze Stadthotel, we are not only proud of our extensive, friendly and individual service, but also the conveniences that make your stay at the hotel more pleasant. Among them are all of the services that you would expect to find at a premium hotel, but there are also many more. Take a look at the following catalogue of provisions beyond your room.


In the room

Your visit to Basel, made simple. The rooms at the Steinenschanze Stadthotel leave no wish unfulfilled thanks to their well-designed furnishings and the conveniences that they provide. Whether it is the facilities provided in the rooms or the flexible service, during every stage of your stay, we will make you as relaxed as possible.



The hustle and bustle of the big city can sometimes take its toll. Whether you have spent the day discovering Basel or doing business, you will come to cherish our garden. We will be delighted to serve you in this haven of tranquillity with our usual high standard.



Even if the weather in Basel does not always play along as we would like it to, our hotel offers a stay in which you can relax after your leisure or business trip in Basel. Whether it is during the welcome drink or for a nightcap, our lounge convinces with its stylish modern decor, as well as its considerable facilities, from a library to the freely available Samsung tablets.