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Whether lifestyle, culture, architecture or going out: Basel has the flair of a big city and is also worth a trip in summer. We take you to the locals' favourite places. Only a few streets away from the classic tourist hotspots and yet right in the heart of the city. Walk from the St. Johanns quarter to the Klybeck and Matthäus quarters and on to Kleinbasel's old town - here you are guaranteed to meet more locals than tourists. You'll eat where the people of Basel spend their lunch break, you'll pass shops that are considered insider tips and you'll stand in line with all those who know where to get the best ice cream in town. As you wander through the city's colourful, diverse neighbourhoods, you may find yourself in a big city on the other side of the world instead of right on the banks of the Rhine. On a self-guided tour of Basel, you will be offered a variety of snacks.