Relax and strengthen in the Hotel Garni - Basels Steinenschanze

What a beautiful start into the day! Fragrant coffee, a rich buffet with fruit, warm pastries

and egg specialties - the great breakfast distinguishes a Garni hotel. Basels Steinenschanze belongs to this category. For city tourists who want to get to know the Swiss metropolis in all its facts, Basel's hotel with breakfast is ideally located.

Once you've stepped out of the door, it's only a few minutes' walk to the vibrant old town.

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Hotel Garni – Basel's family gem near the old town

"Oh Basel! There is so much to discover». If you talk about the upcoming city trip, this is often the

reaction that you get. The third largest city in Switzerland:

  • is not only adorned with cathedrals, colorful artisan alleyways and impressive bridges
  • exciting museums, breathtaking art exhibitions and shopping miles with cafés adorn the city

As enriching and cheerful as the city is, it needs a quiet oasis – like the Steinenschanze.

In the Garni-Hotel Basels you can sort the impressions have a glass of wine in Josephine's garden and enjoy the idyllic flair of the evening.

On the upcoming morning, you'll consider Basel's hotel with great freshly brewed coffee, tea, warm pastries and regional specialties.

Whether you want to take a tour of the old town with its impressive buildings, stroll along the Rhine

the lifeline of the city, or visit Basel's zoo to see coypu, bison and chipmunks.


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Restful Hotel-Garni - Basels idyllic retreat

The city is characterized by hustle and bustle and impressive impressions, but the breakfast Hotel Basels is with 52 rooms familiar and idyllic. The biggest advantage of the hotel garni?

Basel's Steinenschanze does not bind you to specific times.

  • without appointment you can lok forward from 6.30 to 10:30 a.m.
  • to a Swiss breakfast with light croissants from Basel bakeries
  • or egg dishes and homemade Bircher muesli

Whether you are traveling with the family, or your partner is with you, or visiting Basel with a friend or you are alone on a business trip or you like to look into the green. Modern and individually breakfast, where you can fall into the bed, sleep peacefully and wake up full of anticipation with the prospect of an exciting day.

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