Let's go to the ESAF in Pratteln

08/26 – 08/28/2022

Wrestling, pushing, throwing - what looks like simple movements requires hard training, embodies Swiss culture and great sport! Because it takes a lot of strength and coordination to be able to win in the individual disciplines. It's all about the laurel wreath and the audience is guaranteed some awe-inspiring shivers in some big sporting moments. The popular sports festival only takes place every three years. You should experience this impressive event once in your life – at least! The so-called “Schwingen” is regarded by the Swiss as a sport of the century. It is a traditional wrestling match that has been cultivated for many years and plays an important role in our country. At the Swiss Wrestling and Alpine Festival (ESAF), around 280 wrestlers show the enthusiastic audience what they can do in the arena: this discipline requires technical skill, strength, stamina, speed and fairness. Thousands of national and international guests are expected. Stone throwing Stability in the torso and strength in the legs is required when throwing a stone. The huge boulders are thrown either overhead or from the shoulder. Stone throwing is one of the oldest sports of all. Hornussen, the focal point of Swiss national sport, returns to the limelight of public interest after a break in 2019. The team game, which revolves around long shots and skilful interception of a whirring plastic disc (hornuss or “nouss” for short), is a fascinating spectacle.

ESAF 2022

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