Bed and Breakfast – Basel's dignified and familiar Steinenschanze

Hmm… that smells so good!

When going to the breakfast buffet at the Steinenschanze, the bed and Breakfast Basel, the scent of warm rolls and pastries fills your nostrils. Freshly brewed coffee or a hot cup of tea is already waiting at the table. So can the day start. And lovers of a hearty breakfast will find what they are looking for in Basel's Bed and Breakfast different types of eggs, bacon and cheese provide the right refreshment.

The Steinenschanze:

  • is only 700 meters from the Swiss train station
  • is a nice retreat with cozy rooms
  • shines with an excellent breakfast

the rooms

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The green oasis of the city - Basel's Bed and Breakfast Hotel Steinenschanze

Although Basel's Bed and Breakfast is right in the center of the old town, the

Steinenschanze is a relaxing retreat.

  • the beautifully landscaped garden gives you space to breathe deeply
  • regional specialties enrich the selection of the breakfast buffet
  • the modern, cozy furnishings of the rooms convey a warm feeling
  • and allows you to unwind

In the bed and breakfast in Basel near the train station you can withdraw, relax and

Review the impressions of the city trip in all its forms.

the philosophie

Basels Bed and Breakfast Spot – Rich breakfast variety in the Steinenschanze

Restful sleep, a proper refreshment, a calm climate? You would not

necessarily expect this in a metropolis. Yet Basel's bed and breakfast destination, the

Steinenschanze offers exactly that. Having breakfast in the Steinenschanze garden, truly

the green idyll of the bed and breakfast in Basel Switzerland is relaxed and restful. So

It's nice that after breakfast you catch yourself thinking about staying seated.

Breakfast in Josephine’s Garden

  • awaits you in the morning between 6.30 and 11.00 am
  • presents Swiss and international specialties
  • Offers a unique full breakfast buffet

The breakfast variety

Bed and Breakfast in Basel Switzerland – Relax in the Steinenschanze

Refreshed, after a good night's sleep and full of strength and energy, it's easier to travel. So

if you get into the car strengthened, walk to the Swiss Train Station, which is within walking distance

or jump on your bike.

But maybe there is still time for a short Stopover to visit the historical monuments of the old town. Or you decide to extend Overnight stay for a short break in the Bed and Breakfast in Basel Switzerland..

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